McWiLL is the only commercialized 4G technology in the world. The technology is based on SCDMA developed by Beijing Xinwei. The latest International standard ITU-R M.1801-11 published in April 2010 lists McWiLL, in the name of SCDMA, in Annex 7 for wireless access. 

McWiLL is characterized with:
Multimedia Service:   Telephone, Internet access, PTT and Video Surveillance, all in one system. 
High Throughput:     15 Mbps at 5MHz; 120 concurrent voices; 20 concurrent PTT groups; 
High Quality Coverage: Up to 70 km, NLOS, in rural; Good penetration in city; High throughput broadband service realized in most places under coverage.

The main technologies McWiLL adopts:
Smart Antenna:        Directional emission by Phased Antenna Arrays with powerful algorithm
Interference Nulling:    Depress noise by sending an offset signal.
OS-OPDMA:          Combination of advantages of WCDMA and OFDM technology
Efficient Voice Package:  HEV voice by special package of voices with limited band occupation 

McWiLL support long distance most applications at low costs:
Newly established public network;
Rural Telecommunication Service
Digital city
Security dispatching net work (Police & defense)
Company communication (Airport, Oilfield, Power grid, Harbor, Construction, transportation?
Internet Service Providing (ISP)